Pix: why should you use this alternative payment method right away for your e-commerce in Brazil?

Learn how to include and mention PIX in your checkout and start offering the payment method that is used by more than 75% of all Brazilians!

João Paulo Notini
May 09, 2023
5 min read

Pix from Brazil became the most significant and essential payment method in Brazil’s history. Data from the Brazilian Central Bank shows that more than 75% of Brazilians have used it since its launch. 

Now, since every e-commerce must consider this payment method in their online sales strategy, keep reading to learn more about how to use Pix in Brazil and how to offer it as a payment option to your customers on your website. 

What is Pix, and why it became so popular?

Launched by the Brazilian Central Bank in November 2020, Pix Brazil is an alternative payment method (APM) that allows transfers between bank accounts within seconds, at any time or day. Pix in Brazil is practical, fast, safe, and free to people. There are, however, some shoppers and stakeholders that still don’t know about it or simply don’t understand very well how it works.

Data from Brazil’s Central Bank show that: 

  • More than 141 million people and 11.4 million businesses used Pix in Brazil in 2022.
  • More than USD 2 trillion was transferred through Pix in Brazil in 2022.

Growing faster than credit and debit cards

Pix was the fastest-growing Brazilian payment method, growing at an average of 97%. Pix transfer in Brazil had also a higher penetration rate than credit cards, which is roughly half at 40%.

The fastest growing payment methods in Brazil (2022)

The fastest growing payment methods in Brazil - 2022

Source: EBANX & AMI 

How to use Pix in Brazil, and how it works?

Now that you are aware of Pix’s relevance, we will explain how to use Pix in Brazil and prove how easy it could be for your customers to make a purchase on your website using this payment method. 

First, all your customer has to do is use a bank’s app or digital wallet to scan a generated QR code to complete the transaction. Once the payment is approved, your business receives the funds in a few seconds.

When paying with Pix, the customer can use both mobile and desktop. The only difference is that on mobile, besides the QR Code, the “Pix copy and paste” code is also generated, a code the user can copy, access their bank account, and paste on a specific field to continue with the payment.

On the desktop version, only the QR Code is generated for the user to access their bank account with the mobile app and scan it. 

See below a step-by-step of an online purchase process using Pix, which has EBANX as a payment provider. You will see screenshots from fictional checkouts: one with the customer using a smartphone and another one when the customer uses a desktop.

Example of checkout with Pix via smartphone

Step 1, 2, 3 - Paying with Pix using a smartphone

Step 4 and 5 - Paying with Pix using a smartphone

Example of checkout with Pix via desktop

Step 1, 2, 3, and 4 - Paying Pix using a desktop

Are you ready to offer Pix in Brazil to your customers?

It is time to go beyond cards! Every digital commerce selling in Brazil needs to receive payments with Pix if it wants to be successful. If you are interested in knowing more about Pix’s potential, discovering Pix’s different payment modalities, and starting to offer this payment method in Brazil, then EBANX can help you!

Besides being able to implement PIx in your business, EBANX is a PIX Payment Initiator authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil and can connect two banking institutions using Open Banking Technology. This improves both your customer experience and conversion rates since it authorizes purchases directly in your customer’s financial institution.

[Learn more about Pix through EBANX]

João Paulo Notini
João Paulo Notini
Senior Content Marketing | Cross-Border operations at EBANX

PIX: The revolutionary instant payment in Brazil

Safer, cheaper, and instant. Time to learn about PIX: the revolutionary payment method in Brazil

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