Why customer service it’s a key to success in Latin America?

The better the experience your customers get, the certain the will purchase. Read on to have an overview about customer service in Latin America.

September 15, 2020
3 min read

The best way to start this article is through an exercise: imagine that a store with the products you are looking for just opened in your street. The showcase is attractive, the products fit your needs and are affordable to you, there’s a parking lot close by, basically, everything is pushing you into purchasing what you need. You decide to step in, you’ve made your decision: to purchase! Although when you enter the store and goes to the first attendee: he doesn’t speak your language, actually nobody there speaks your language.

It seems like you are abroad- in a different country. You do mimics and get to the cashier, you check the label price: what currency is that?! You try to figure it through Google. Somehow you’ve paid, you leave the store almost sweating but with a relief feeling. You get to your house and figure that the product was in the wrong size due to the store measurement system. You call the Support phone and no one answers what you need because they don’t speak your language and in the end, you choose to keep that dreamy product in the drawer. This exercise showed you one thing: how frustrating it is not to have good customer service.

  • What is customer service?

Looking to the most generic description to “customer service” or “customer support” we can find that the world-known initials “CS” means the support you offer your customers before and after they buy and use your products or services that helps them have an easy and great experience with you. Although is much more than this, it is to have the certain your customers are coming back and this is important to any type of business, especially in the eCommerce world where the better the experience your customers get, the certain the will purchase.

Think about CS as more than just a sale, but retaining your customer and receiving good reviews. Which store owner wouldn’t love to hear that his business provided such a great service to his customers? That it was worth the sale? I believe the answer would be all of them.

  • The visualizing exercise analysis: translation, local currency, payment options, and more

If you don’t engage your customers, you won’t have them anymore

Analysing our exercise, this situation happens every day when we talk about Latin America. Websites from all over the world do not have good results in LatAm due to language translation, currency exchange, payment options, helping center for both during and after a purchase, language-speaker attendees…all of this is part of your customer service. If you don’t engage your customers, you won’t have them anymore. This happens all over the world but in LatAm, you are not losing only a customer, you are losing an entire emerging market looking to shop what they want. This can be easy as 1,2,3…

  • First step: language

Let’s start with the basics, LatAm has two different languages- Portuguese and Spanish and this means that English is not a language everyone speaks. One of the bases for a good CS is to talk your customer language- or do you want your customers to have a frustrating experience like the one from our exercise?

  • FAQ and more

A good FAQ about shipping, measures, and sizes.

  • All numbers are important, even the availability of them

Working hours that support centers will be available (this includes a good online chat platform, sometimes even robot chats and even WhatsApp numbers)  are also important to be shown and this helps you to get closer to your LatAm customers. Remember your store-abroad frustrating experience from the top of this article, don’t you want to feel comfortable?

Focus on how is your customer supported during his flux and experience. The customer support is one of the key points for you to start thriving in Latin America because it surrounds all the needs of your customers before and after it’s purchase and in LatAm, where diversity and hospitality are found in every person can make you imagine how important it is to have a good and accessible CS to your clients.

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