Prepping your business for the November boost

Get ready for the most important month in digital commerce with 5 things you can’t overlook.

Janaina Meneghel
October 28, 2021
3 min read

No matter what you sell nor the time of year it is, always (always, always) take your audience’s preferences and habits into consideration.

1. Safe checkout experience

In order to buy from you (online, especially), people need to trust not only your brand, but your checkout experience. When you think about enlarging your market share with Latin American customers, it is vital to understand that many people have never had the opportunity to buy directly from you before.

This means your direct-to-consumer strategy needs to be up-to-date from start to finish. This, of course, includes the provision of a safe checkout at all hours, no matter the payment method selected. Have a smart fraud prevention strategy to keep your (and your customer’s) operation safe through all purchase steps. Displaying valid security seals and badges on your checkout page, as well as available customer support channels are actions that make the process more reliable.

2. Alternative payment methods

Selling to Latin Americans means adjusting your strategy to provide a customized experience, considering the reality of each country and its population. Remember, many people living in the region are still unbanked or prefer to use methods other than credit cards to purchase online. In Argentina, for instance, local payment methods are widely used for e-commerce shopping. Installments, for example, are game-changers for enterprise businesses in Latin America. Also known as parcelas in Brazil, cuotas in Argentina, and meses sin interés in Mexico. Installments are payment plans that allow consumers to split their payments into affordable monthly increments that fit their budget.

Undoubtedly, installments are an interesting alternative payment method for companies with higher average tickets, or businesses that work with recurring payments and subscriptions models. Accepting distinct payment methods can certainly increase your chances of reaching more people and giving them broader access to your brand.

3. Activating localized discounts and promotions

Creating a positive experience for your audience includes all of the topics above combined with the customization of the buyer’s journey all the way through. As mentioned before, it is critical that you speak the language of your target audience. Not understanding their preferences, cultures, and habits will definitely make things much more difficult for you in Latin America – or any other country, for that matter. Brands that don’t listen to their customers are doomed to fail. Invest in things that might not seem that important to you, but that will definitely make a huge difference to your end-user:

4. Delivery and collection options

Besides your regular stock management, when selling your brand internationally, logistics play a big part in user experience. In order for your strategy to work in Latin America, it is extremely important that you structure your delivery options for success. Mercado Libre, one of the region’s largest and most promising marketplaces, has implemented a logistics strategy exceptionally well.

Currently present in 18 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, it has its own fulfillment program which is responsible for stocking and delivering third-party products to the final consumer. This means next-day or same-day delivery to customers, many of which are free of charge. Another company that’s been fiercely investing in logistics is Amazon. In August 2021, the e-commerce giant started to offer its Brazilian Prime subscribers free one-day delivery in 50 different cities.

5. Checkout transparency

In winning new customers, especially international customers, asserting yourself as trustworthy and credible is important. Having a transparent checkout process and terms and conditions are essential for customers that are just beginning to shop internationally. Make sure your e-commerce is mobile friendly, add informative descriptions and good quality photos, and invest in a customer support team that speaks each country’s language. Make sure all the necessary information for someone to proceed to checkout is easily identifiable:

✓ Pricing
✓ Discount
✓ Shipping fees
✓ Taxes
✓ Return

The time of asterisks and small letters is long gone. Be transparent. In other words, speak your client’s language, literally and metaphorically.

The greatest news yet?

Customizing your strategy based on the preferences of your Latin American audiences not only will help you with your sales in November, but throughout the entire year.

Janaina Meneghel
Janaina Meneghel

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