upi in india

What is UPI, and why you should offer this local payment method in India?

With a user base of 300 million and 500 million merchants, UPI has played a transformative role in reshaping India’s financial landscape. Learn more about this payment method and why should global brands offer it when selling in the country.

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latin america digital wallet

What is a digital wallet and why it is a crucial payment method in emerging markets

Amid the rise of smartphones and the surge in online transactions, digital wallets have solidified their position as a secure and convenient payment option. Discover their significance in Latin America and Africa’s digital commerce landscape as we delve into what makes them a vital trend for global brands eyeing expansion in these regions.

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installment payments in Brazil

Why are Installment Payments a trend in Latin America?

Installments are transforming lives in Latin America, making technology more accessible and raising living standards. Discover the concept and benefits of this payment method as we explore its remarkable impact on the region’s digital commerce in this blogpost.

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payment methods in brazil

Payment Methods in Brazil: the 4 most popular in the country

In Brazil, e-commerce success means offering local payment methods for convenience and security. Explore innovative trends, like Pix, in a market that grew 655% from 2012 to 2022. Dive into our blog post to uncover the top 4 payment methods for success.

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EBANX Retail & Marketplace Solution

It’s time to enhance your retail marketplace in Latin America with a tailored approach to payments.

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