EBANX Pay-in & Payout: all about this built-to-fit solution for international businesses

Learn more about a comprehensive payments solution that has been powering global giants like Meta, Sony, Uber, and Spotify across hyper-growing markets.

João Paulo Notini
October 18, 2023
4 min read
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In today’s fast-paced global economy, expanding into emerging markets is a strategic move for international brands. The ability to seamlessly handle cross-border payments is vital for success, and that’s where EBANX Pay-in & Payout comes into play as a full-circle payments solution.

What is EBANX Pay-in and Payout?

Before discussing our solution, let’s highlight the core concepts of pay-in and payout.  “Pay-in” refers to receiving funds from customers, while “payout” involves dispersing funds to suppliers, partners, or beneficiaries.

EBANX Pay-in and Payout is a comprehensive solution simplifying B2B and B2C cross-border payment operations in hyper-growing markets. It covers every aspect, from receiving payments (pay-in) to disbursing funds to partners and suppliers (payout) – all while ensuring that transactions are conducted in local currencies.

Who Benefits from EBANX Pay-in & Payout?

Leading global merchants have already harnessed the power of EBANX Pay-in & Payout, including Meta, Monday, Canva, Sony, TikTok, Spotify, Uber, Shein, and Ubisoft. They’ve discovered the key to expanding their reach in emerging markets while maintaining a reliable and efficient payment system.

Despite being a top-performing solution tailored for global brands, EBANX Pay-in & Payout covers 25 emerging markets across Latin America, Africa, and India. However, the payout capability isn’t present in all markets.

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Pay-in: Powering Seamless Fund Collection

Forging EBANX’s Pay-in & Payout solution, the “Pay-in” capability is the vital gateway for global brands in emerging markets to generate revenue. With “Pay-in“, businesses can effortlessly collect customer funds, facilitating a streamlined payment operation.

Here are some specs of EBANX’s “Pay-in”:

  • Performance Boost: Enhance your cross-border sales by offering customers the most relevant payment methods for digital purchases. Expand your addressable market and elevate your global sales performance with a reliable global settlement network.
  • International Funds Settlement: By enabling businesses to sell locally while accepting various local and alternative payment methods, Pay-in ensures that funds can be received in USD from anywhere in the world.
  • Direct Connection with Local Acquirers: Transactions are processed swiftly, minimizing potential delays or errors in the payment journey.
  • Unified Reconciliation: Simplify financial transaction reconciliation, ensuring transparency between multiple parties.
  • Optimized Money Flow: Handle multi-currency sales efficiently, eliminating complexities and reducing potential roadblocks.

Payout: Effortless Fund Disbursement

To complement EBANX’s full-circle payments solution, there’s the payout capability. As the complementary partner to “Pay-in,” “Payout” offers a streamlined approach to fund disbursement, facilitating the efficient and reliable transfer of funds to partners, suppliers, or beneficiaries in local currencies. 

Here are some specs of EBANX’s “Payout”:

  • Flexible Payment Requests: Accept payment requests in either USD or local currencies and add balance through wire transfers or processed amounts via EBANX.
  • Streamlined Payouts: Streamline the process with a user-friendly three-step system, making single and mass payouts swift and efficient.
  • Mass Payouts: Execute payments to many recipients simultaneously, with local payment methods available for added convenience.
  • Micropayments: Manage transactions with no minimum payout amount, ideal for handling smaller payments effectively.
  • Account Verifier: Automatic account validation ensures funds reach the correct recipients without delays or errors.
  • Seamless Management: Customize reconciliation processes and access detailed reports for valuable insights into your payment operations.

Trust EBANX for Cross-Border Payments

For over a decade, EBANX has been committed to providing superior payment performance for global brands entering or expanding in emerging markets. In the ever-expanding global economy, our Pay-in and Payout solution is your comprehensive toolkit for success across 25 hyper-growing markets in three continents.

With Pay-in and Payout working seamlessly together, you can maximize your reach, elevate customer satisfaction, and enhance your business performance. You’ll also have access to diverse payment options, ranging from local credit & debit cards (with installments available for credit) to instant payments, mobile money, digital wallets, vouchers, and more.

It is time for your business to take one more step toward payment optimization. Learn more about all solutions available for your business and the markets where we operate.

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João Paulo Notini
João Paulo Notini
Senior Content Marketing | Cross-Border operations at EBANX

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