Meet EBANX ONE: the all-in-one payment solution in Latin America

Imagine having a customized all-in-one payment solution to operate throughout Latin America, mixing international and local settlements. Meet EBANX ONE.

Janaina Meneghel
May 25, 2021
10 min read

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have an all-in-one payment solution to operate throughout Latin American countries with a mix of international and domestic operational models? That’s what we want to offer our customers with EBANX ONE.

These are the questions we’ll be answering below:

  • What is EBANX ONE and how does it work?
  • Who is the all-in-one payment platform for?
  • How does it help you thrive in Latin America?

Keep scrolling to know all about the next big thing for payments in Latin America.

EBANX ONE: your all-in-one payment solution

If you’re reading this, you’re probably still wondering what on earth EBANX ONE is.

Fair enough.

I’ve asked that same question before I fully understood what EBANX’s all-in-one payment solution is all about.

So here we go.

EBANX ONE is a platform that unifies everything you need in terms of payments processing in Latin America. It offers hybrid combinations of operational models in a unique system integration: payment processing with international and/or domestic settlement, domestic and international payout.

This means you can combine international and domestic operations, plus payouts, depending on your business model within each country.

The choice is yours!

Here’s what else you get with the all-in-one payment solution for your business in Latin America:

  • One integration to attend 15 countries within the region (and counting)
  • One single API to unlock 100+ payment methods
  • One platform tailored according to your operational model in each country
  • One solution with payment processing and payout services
  • One dashboard with global conciliation, reports and insights
  • One settlement per entity for all transactions, from all payment methods
  • One compliance to all countries regulations

We like to say EBANX’s platform is “the ONE” for enterprise companies who wish to improve their results and expand their businesses in Latin American countries. The one solution to solve payment challenges to all operational models within the region.

Uber is one of the global brands who bought the idea of a mixed operational model.

I wonder if EBANX ONE might be the one for you too…

Who is EBANX ONE for?

Imagine that Latin America and the Caribbean have a population of about 650 million people. Even though many of them have internet access, there is a high percentage of people who do not yet have a bank account, much less cards enabled for international transactions.

See the potential of investing in distinct payment methods, depending on the customers’ needs and preferences?

Instead of giving access to only a small portion of the population, why not reach your total addressable market in Latam? Well, now you can.

After all, EBANX ONE is the solution for those who are willing to simplify the complexities faced in Latin America while expanding their businesses.

Since our all-in-one payment solution was built to be customizable, it suits basically any businesses that want to sell their services or products for Latin American consumers.

EBANX ONE is for companies that:

  • Operate in Latam and want to process 100% locally with no entity in the region
  • Operate in Latam and want to process 100% domestically with entities in the region
  • Operate in Latam and want to process their payments both internationally and domestically
  • Are from Latam and want to process their payments domestically
  • Are from Latam and want to expand their operations to other Latam countries
  • Operate with an EBANX solution and want an upgrade

Remember: flexibility of payment is power to your business!

EBANX ONE + your business = growth

Now that we’ve seen that our all-in-one payment solution might just be perfect for the accomplishment of your business goals in Latin America, it’s about time we presented some of its features.

As mentioned before, Uber is one of the companies that has been using EBANX ONE for their operations in Latin America. That means the ride-hailing, food-delivery global service provider can actually choose what is best for their operation in each of the countries they are currently present in.

With EBANX ONE you too can decide how to intelligently expand and grow within the region, choosing one or more of the available operational models at the same time, in one or more countries, with distinct payment solutions.

All within a single platform.

One single transaction

You have visibility into the breakdown of what is domestic and what is international in every-single-payment.

Optimized money flow

Global reconciliation, FX operation and settlement. EBANX ONE compiles all of them in one single reconciliation, managing multi-currency sales across Latin America.

Guaranteed leading performance rates

Thanks to its direct connection with local issuers, acquirers and payment methods, EBANX ONE offers higher approval rates in Latin America. It works with redundancy and smart routing, in each country it operates – which is key for more efficient payment operations.

Integrated fraud and risk management

Using the high-technology and localized database, EBANX ONE keeps your operation safe throughout all the steps, meanwhile balancing security with optimal payment performance, with a much lower chargeback rate region-wide.

Single endpoint for payments

The all-in-one payment solution was developed in-house, with world-class technology and a robust system that supports 300+ payment transactions per second.

It also operates as a single endpoint for payments, using the same technological base for both international and domestic operations.

Apart from all technicalities, EBANX ONE also covers:

  • Business
  • Payments
  • Technology
  • Market expertise
  • Marketing strategies
  • Consumer and merchant support

✅  It gives you choice

With EBANX ONE, you have operational model flexibility and multiple choices in one integration. Fast entry into a new market or optimize operation, by choosing the best business model to scale your business’ revenue. An entire region under one single rail. Hundreds of connections, payment methods, and countries simplified into the same payment platform.

✅  It is cost-efficient

EBANX ONE allows choices of models based on your needs at each moment. Be able to test the market easily, in a cost-efficient way, before deciding on the best operational model to go with.

✅  It is future-proof

Fast, efficient, future-proof, with flexibility for companies to change and adapt to the operation during the years.

✅  It goes beyond payments

With EBANX ONE you can count on a multi-channel help center support for Latin American consumers in their local languages. A dedicated merchant support team that analyzes data at a deep level, creates projects, and supports the merchants to build local relationships.

EBANX ONE: the perfect fit for your operational model

No matter your operational model, we are sure there is an EBANX solution to attend all of your payment expectations.

EBANX is an expert in domestic payments in Latin America, that are remitted to global companies anywhere in the world, through cross-border solution, or to global companies’ local offices in LatAm, through domestic payment processing. EBANX has a range of solutions and products that accommodate different business models.

In short, EBANX is your local partner in Latin America.

Payment processing with international funds settlement

Sell to Latin Americans in their local currency with domestic payment methods and receive your funds in USD anywhere in the world. All that without the need to set up local legal entities in each country. It is also possible to settle in China, in CNY.

Payment processing with domestic funds settlement

Local Latin American companies or international brands with a local office and entities can sell in Latam and receive their funds domestically.

Multiple and mixed operational models 

Choose and combine the solutions that best fit your company. Operate with or without local entities in the same country, or combine in different countries, any of these models: Payment processing with international and/or domestic settlement and/or international and domestic payouts.

Domestic and International Payout 

EBANX Payout fits any kind of operational model. An uncomplicated, secure, and fast way for companies with or without local entities in LatAm to settle in local or international transfers to their partners in Latin America.

If you were following me all the way through here, you now know that, under one single platform, you can overcome all your payment challenges in Latin America.

Here is a takeaway, just in case you need to copy and paste before sharing the idea with someone else:

  • More than 100 domestic payment methods
  • Up to 15 Latin American countries
  • A single endpoint for payments flexibility
  • Synergy between domestic and international operations
  • Higher approval rates
  • Fast, safe, efficient payment operation
  • 300 transactions per second
  • Access to your TAM in LatAm
  • Tailored for your needs
  • Any country, any business models
  • Multiple possibilities: platform integration, settlement, reconciliation, regulation, security
  • Unified reports, unified user experience, local customer support

What do you say we have a quick chat to see how we could customize EBANX ONE to improve your current strategy.

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Janaina Meneghel
Janaina Meneghel

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