Payment trends in Latin America’s e-commerce for 2022

In a hyper growth market, where e-commerce is expected to grow 30% every year through 2025, new payment methods emerged and are giving access to millions of people not only in the financial system, but the digital market as well.

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How EBANX potentialize retail marketplaces in Latin America by aligning local business expertise to an end-to-end payment processing

Latin America is facing a new era for online retail marketplaces. The rapid growth of the market which follows an increasing digital savvy population and mobile phone penetration has gained the attention of global and local marketplaces. However, whenever a retail marketplace taps the Latin America market, the challenges are more than just language and […]

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Why Latin America offers a whole new arena for mobile gaming

The gaming industry is one of the most profitable segments in the entertainment world with a revenue of more than 98 billion dollars worldwide in 2020. Data from a 2021 Newzoo study shows that Latin America (LATAM) is already the fastest growing region for gaming in the world.  This, however, didn’t happen out of the […]

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Hello e-wallets and BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later)

Latin America was the fastest-growing e-commerce market in the world in 2020, with a 36.7% growth, according to research from e-Marketer. Every day new tools are created with the goal of making modern and easy payment alternatives which ultimately increases inclusion and moves the economy forward in Latin America. Buy Now, Pay Later solutions (BNPL) […]

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Digital consumption and digital money: how increasing digitization is breaking down ecommerce barriers for Latin American consumers

Money has become digital and it’s on people’s mobile phones thanks to fintechs. As the super-app race heats up, Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) of all kinds are key in Latin America for any company wanting to increase recurrence and TPV on digital sales. There are, however, many questions to be answered, such as: how is […]

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The LatAm cryptocurrency boom

Cryptocurrency popularity is increasing around the world and Latin America is experiencing a boom on its use. It might be surprising, but cryptocurrencies have a higher adoption in LATAM than in countries such as the United States and China. Hence, to give you an overview of this scenario, we unraveled the details of this boom. […]

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Super November Sales in Latin America

November is considered the best month for online sales. Every one of us waits tirelessly for this month to come around, especially the people in Latin America (LATAM). It is quite surprising, yet interesting, that a whole load of important dates come in this month. In this complete guide, we’ll take you on a journey […]

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Prepping your business for the November boost

No matter what you sell nor the time of year it is, always (always, always) take your audience’s preferences and habits into consideration. 1. Safe checkout experience In order to buy from you (online, especially), people need to trust not only your brand, but your checkout experience. When you think about enlarging your market share […]

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E-book: Subscription Billing in Latin America

The subscription model has gained Latin America. See all key market details and how to succeed there

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