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What is a digital wallet and why it is a crucial payment method in emerging markets

With the mass adoption of smartphones and the increasing popularity of online transactions, digital wallets have emerged as a convenient and secure payment method. During the pandemic, they had the opportunity to prove their value and, afterwards, sustained consumer preference and became part of our lives. This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of […]

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installment payments in Brazil

Why are Installment Payments a trend in Latin America?

Picture that: in Brazil, smartphones cost around two and a half minimum wage salaries, making them unaffordable for many. Surprisingly, 66% of households in Brazil own a smartphone. Similarly, a high-quality TV costs approximately two minimum wage salaries in Mexico. Despite this, 91% of Mexican homes have a TV. How’s that possible? Thanks to installment […]

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payment methods in brazil

Payment Methods in Brazil: the 4 most popular in the country

In Brazil, the largest e-commerce market in Latin America, it is crucial to offer agility, convenience, and security to compete successfully. This also means offering local payment methods. Consumers seek fast and easy experiences when purchasing and paying, extending beyond traditional methods such as boleto bancário (bank slip) and credit cards. Pix and other innovative […]

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What are Alternative Payment Methods, and why are they crucial for digital commerce?

Alternative payment methods started gaining traction and popularity in recent years, becoming more mainstream than cards. Keep reading to learn what they are and their importance.

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The digital market potential for Latin America and Africa in 2023

From the concept of “rising economies” to all their market potential in numbers and key insights. Sit back and get ready to discover more about these places and how cross-border businesses could explore their full potential.

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ecommerce in latin america and africa for 2023

E-commerce growth in emerging markets for 2023

According to the new Beyond Borders 2022/2023 study, rising economies, such as Latin America and Africa, are among the leading markets responsible for driving e-commerce hypergrowth globally. As a result of the pandemic and new consumption habits, digital commerce will continue to grow by 30% a year, until 2025, in countries such as Brazil and […]

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White Paper: Digital Wallets in Mexico

See our analysis about Digital Wallets in Mexico and how to offer it as a payment option there

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