Key dates for e-commerce in Brazil: July to September

Discover which dates you must watch between July and September in Brazil and how a proper local payment strategy can make the difference.

June 30, 2021
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E-commerce sales in the third quarter of the year in Brazil are mostly as chill as the weather, it’s winter season in the Southern Hemisphere.

However, we have a huge “commercial” holiday during the period to warm things up: Father’s Day.

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Before start, think about offering Start-of-season sales during this trimester. They are not a common practice in Brazil during winter, but your eStore could stand out and host a winter sale for Brazilians in July, not December.

July: Winter break time

Winter break in JULY. Time to get prepared for the next month.

July is a quiet month in Brazil, schools and universities take a two-week break starting in the middle of the month. But that doesn’t mean opportunities aren’t there.

If your business offers online language lessons or online courses, focus on students that are interested in taking this short break from school to enhance their skills.

A clever move here is also to start Father’s Day promotions on the first week of July, since the key to massive success on that important date in anticipation.

August – It’s Fathers Day

To heat things up, AUGUST brings Father’s Day.

Father’s day in Brazil is among the most important holidays for Brazilian e-commerces, only surpassed by Christmas and Black Friday.

Brazilians celebrate it always the second Sunday of August. In 2022, the date will be celebrated on Sunday, August 14.

Economists expect the performance to be even superior in 2022, and online purchases are increasing month over month in Brazil.

We have some good news for international e-commerces too: a research made by Worldpay showed that Brazilians are starting to plan earlier for this date — there was a sales peak around 11 days before Father’s Day.

So, if you start ahead and advertise within a good interval, you will be able to reach this part of the population and sell your international product to them. Think about offering free/fast shipping to these consumers.

In 2020, the product categories with the highest demand in the period were “Fashion and Accessories”,Perfumery and Cosmetics / Health”, followed by  “Home and Decoration”, according to EXAME.

Consumers spent in average BRL 449.14 (something around USD 93) on a Father’s Day gift, which represented 11,.24% increase compared to 2021.

Oh, and on November 11, Single’s Day! The date is inspired by the world’s largest online shopping event, created in China by Alibaba.

Even though the date doesn’t have, yet, the same impact in Brazil, you should take advantage of it to increase engagement, and maybe offer some coupons to your bachelor clients, because why not.

September – Spring Season & Independence Day

Even though there is no “commercial holiday” in September, online sales usually keep the same August volume.

On September 21, Spring starts in the Southern Hemisphere. This is a great opportunity for fashion e-commerces to sell more! If your business is in the fashion industry, bet on this date to start your new season offers.

Smart tip: It’s not a very common practice, but gifting Brazilians on Independence Day, on September 7, might be a good way to engage with your audience.

Although credit cards are becoming more common among Brazilian online shoppers, alternative payments are still widely used. With a local payment strategy, you bring your business closer to the customers by giving them the payment methods that they are familiar with.

Discover the most popular payment methods in Brazil.


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