How to increase sales in Mexico during the hot sale 2021

Are you interested in how your business can take advantage of the Hot Sale in Mexico this year? So, read on!

May 24, 2021
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In the 2020 edition of the Hot Sale in Mexico, over 20 billion MX or 1 billion USD was generated from online sales, which led to selling over 29 million products and generating more than 12 million shoppers.

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This is definitely the largest online sales campaign in Mexico, which will take place on May 23, 2021 from midnight and will be open until June 1.

The best online sales and services companies will participate in the initiative, offering their clients incredible discounts and exclusive promotions on their products and/or services.

Are you interested in how your business can take advantage of the Hot Sale in Mexico this year? Be sure to read the whole article until the end; we will be sharing information about the hot sale in Mexico, things that your business should consider before registering, and why consumers buy online. Let’s begin!

What is Hot Sale in Mexico, and when does it happen?

It is an annual sales event created and organized by the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO), which is driving eCommerce sales in Mexico through promotions and discounts. Since its launch way back in 2014, Hot Sale has become one of the most important shopping days in the country, after El Buen Fin (or “The Good Weekend”) and Christmas sale.

Customers will be able to buy products that are offered at a huge discount, and eCommerce businesses will take advantage of that and generate a lot of sales. So at the end of the day, everyone is satisfied; the customer will get the product or service they are looking for at a discounted price while the seller will generate a late amount of orders like never before.

Numbers and facts about Hot Sales 2020 in Mexico

Now that you have a better picture of what a Hot Sale in Mexico is and when it will happen let’s see some of the numbers and facts from the previous Hot Sale and what eCommerce businesses should expect from this one.

Knowing what type of customers to target, focusing on winning product niches, and allowing customers to use their preferred payment method will greatly impact your sales.

Thanks to the recent study performed by the AMVO (Mexican Association of Online Sales), we will be able to show you the correct numbers and stats in the section below. So let us begin:

➽ Target & Niche

Nearly 8 out of 10 online shoppers will be attending the Hot Sale and will be interested in buying a product during this period, and 90% of the shoppers will end up buying a product or service online.

Most of the buyers attending the Hot Sale will be males between the ages of 35 and 44. And over 80% of them will be getting someone for themselves, while the others will be looking for gifts for their friends or family.

The most popular niches that buyers will look forward to are Fashion and Electronics. So picking one of those niches will surely be a really smart move for your business. The follow-up niches that you can also focus on are household tools, video games, and house furniture.

➽ Customers

Among the top reasons why customers have decided to buy online during the Hot Sale in 2020, AMVO found out that the first two were both related to the COVID pandemic, as most of the Mexican customers were afraid to go outside and get exposed. So it was a lot easier for them to just turn on their laptop and find all the things they need online.

The most preferred payment methods when buying in the Hot Sale In Mexico are debit and credit cards. Other popular payment methods include digital bank cards, e-wallets, and departmental cards.

Extra: Payment Methods in Mexico

➽ Shipping Method

Shoppers will want their product to be delivered directly to their homes, so this is surely the most popular transport method right now, and one that you should focus on offering.

With all of the security protections, eCommerce shopping has become one of the safest ways to purchase from the comfort of your home. 9 out of 10 buyers have said that they feel safe when buying products or services online.

➽ Revenue

The Hot Sale 2020 was more than a successful one for most of the business; driven by the pandemic and all the lockdown, there was a 68% increase in the number of buyers.

Total e-commerce revenue generated from all the stores was MX$316 billion (US$15.7 million) in Mexico last year, representing a growth of 81% when compared to the Hot Sale in 2019.

In the 2021 Hot Sale, buyers are expected to spend more money than the previous year. 4 out of 10 potential buyers are looking forward to spending over MX$7,501 (US$373) in total.

“It is a historic day for the e-commerce and the digital economy in our country. E-commerce will boom in Mexico because we have a lot of companies in the country investing for this to happen”PIERRE–CLAUDE, CEO AT AMVO.

The top 5 reasons that make consumers buy online during Hot Sale

eCommerce has been around for a pretty long time, but it started boosting its ways up in recent years. Since we live connected 24/7 by using our mobiles or laptops, more and more people decide to start shopping online.

It has become a much easier way to shop considering that it doesn’t even require you to leave your home! So, let’s see what the top 5 reasons why buyers want to buy online during Hot Sale are:

1. They follow the trend

The eCommerce trend is here to stay for sure! Over 80% of the Mexican citizens made a purchase online. And as we’ve reviewed, this number will only go up. In the following survey, hundreds of online buyers were asked whether they want to switch back to traditional, and the results are the following: 95% of them said “No,” 3% of them said “Maybe,” and the last 2% said “Yes.”

This provides many new opportunities not only for the buyers but also for businesses who want to effectively reach the targeted audience.

2. Shopping convenience

Maybe the most noticeable benefit to online shopping is the fact that it allows buyers to avoid long lines and crowds. Despite the decreased COVID-19 cases, more and more buyers are shopping online to reduce potential exposure by avoiding physical stores.

And when they shop online, they shouldn’t worry about whether the shop is working or not. The eCommerce stores are literally available 24/7.

TIP: Customers are most likely to buy a product or service either on paydays, lunchtimes or after work.

3. Comparison Shopping

Another big reason why people enjoy buying online during Hot Sale is that they can review and compare hundreds of stores and products at once.

Nearly 3 out of 4 buyers are becoming more careful of where they spend their money, so before they buy something, they need to compare it with another product that has the same features. Rather than going from store to store, savvy online buyers navigate from one page to the next and compare the stores with ease.

4. Discounts

Who doesn’t like to get an exceptional deal on a product? Since the Hot Sale in Mexico is all about discounts and deals, customers will have the chance to buy all of the products at a really low price.

Also, to attract even more customers to buy their products, retailers tend to give out more discount sales and coupons, which buyers can use for their next purchases online.

On the other hand, whenever you are shopping offline, you do not usually get much of this because many of the prices are fixed, and they can sometimes be on the high side.

5. Find The Right Product

When buyers go online to shop, it makes the entire browsing process a whole lot simpler. Instead of going through all the stores just to find a specific product or brand, they can just type in a few letters and get the result instantly without even having to jump off their couch.

Also, most of the time, not only will you find the product that you are looking for in just a couple of seconds, but you can also find it at the lowest price possible.

B2C eCommerce sales in Mexico during Hot Sale

Like every business seller, everyone has a sense of optimism and projections about how their business will go throughout the whole year. But when the pandemic started, that surely turned down the high expectations for many of the eCommerce businesses.

Last year at the end of February, Mexico was the second country in Latin America to confirm the first case of the coronavirus. Only a few months later, the number has reached up to 200.000 people who tested positive for COVID-19.

And as the pandemic was going on, a lot of people were losing jobs, putting money away, and were simply scared to buy anything. This all resulted in a pretty low income for most of the businesses online. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) projected a 6.6% contraction for Mexico’s GDP in 2020. This is the most critical economic downturn in Mexico’s recent history.

However, one thing that surely helped to revitalize Mexico’s economy is the Hot Sale.

Despite the country’s economic outlook and the growing number of new COVID-19 infections, AMVO managed to host the most successful Hot Sale ever.

Business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce sales grew to 81.9% year over year, from only $575.8 million to $1.05 billion (MXN20.16 billion).

eCommerce in Mexico has experienced significant double-digit growth in recent years, and the “stay in-home” warnings have helped improve the acceleration of eCommerce sales.

Retailers that didn’t really consider the importance of eCommerce are now trying to find their way and take a part of Mexico’s Hot sale as their only saving grace from financial wreck.

Conversely, customers who were once skeptical of making a digital purchase are now experiencing the advantages of purchasing something with a click of a button without having to leave their homes.

How to get your business ready for Hot Sale?

We have managed to explain what Hot Sale is in Mexico, stats and factors that your business should keep in mind, reasons why consumers buy online, and B2C eCommerce sales. The very last thing that you will need is to get your business ready for the big day. So let’s go through a few easy steps on how you can get your business ready for the Hot Sale.

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Step 1: Preparation
Even though this might seem obvious, preparation is one of the best ways to get your business ahead of your competition. So be sure to start early with your Hot sale preparation.

And always remember that shoppers are preparing for this weekend just as much as businesspeople are, so keep them in the loop. Put aside some time, start thinking about what you’re going to do in the build-up to the big weekend, and try to develop a strategy that will build some hype for your upcoming promotions.

Step 2: Know your audience

Before the big day arrives, you must spend some time to figure out exactly who you will be targeting with your campaigns – your audience, essentially. This is an essential step towards Hot Sale success – when you’ve got an idea about who you’re going to be selling towards, you’ll have a much easier time deciding out what it is that you can offer that they’re most interested in.

Maybe you already have a great idea who this is, but if you don’t, then we suggest that you think about who would be interested in your brand and your products. You can get a clear idea about your audience by checking out other eCommerce brands in your niche. As we already said, most of the users that will be anticipating the Hot Sale will mainly focus on the following niches: fashion, electronics, household tools, video games, and house furniture. So it will be quite beneficial if you can concentrate on any of these niches.

TIP: You can head over to their social media accounts and look at who is looking at their content – those are the people you’ll be marketing to over the whole Hot Sale.

Step 3: Packaging Method
Even though most businesses won’t focus too much on this, it is crucial to decide how you plan to pack your products and order the materials ahead of time.

Since there will be many more buyers in one place, you might get more orders than you think, and if you run low on the packaging, you won’t be able to send the products on time, which will all result in a disappointment from your customer.

So it might be wise to order more than you think you need since this will help you avoid delays.

Step 4: Optimize your products

A recent study has proven that almost 7 in 10 shoppers are uncertain what they’re going to buy, so it is necessary that you give your products every opportunity to stand out. You want to be sure that your products are SEO (search engine optimized) and easily discoverable.

Plan ahead and create a production schedule that will determine the products that go on sale and the price. Get ahead of the race and make slight tweaks rather than making it up at the last minute.

Another thing that you can perform is to write product descriptions that sell and inspire urgency. Pop-up reminders can help instill urgency and remind people that they only have a limited time to purchase with a huge bargain. Use the following phrases:

– Limited time only
– In high demand
– Only one left
– Only Today
– Sold out soon

You may also want to do a keyword search on Google and Google trends to discover some Hot Sale-related keywords for your products.

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