How to build a Shopify product page and sell more

If you are looking to expand your business, you may be considering starting up an online store to sell your products. Follow these steps to do this.

August 25, 2020
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If you are looking to expand your business, you may be considering starting up an online store to sell your products. While this is a brilliant idea, you need to make sure that you do it the right way.

Shopify is the perfect solution – it is a multinational e-commerce company that can be used by anyone to sell goods online. We will be discussing how you can build your own Shopify product page in order to sell more products and make more income.

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What Does A Product Page Need To Convert On Shopify?

Many people neglect their Shopify product page. While the focus is usually set on improving checkout or landing pages, customers will not be able to appreciate that hard work if they don’t purchase anything.

This is why it is important for product pages to have a high conversion rate. The purpose of a product page is to inform potential customers as to why their life will be better with your product in it. In other words, it should motivate people to purchase your item.

If you have a high conversion rate, it means that a large number of customers who select a product to view will end up purchasing that product. A low conversion rate means that not many people will select the “Add To Cart” button.

So, how can you improve this conversion rate? We have come up with a few vital pieces of information that a product page needs in order to have a high conversion rate.

• Describe the value of the product to potential buyers

• Address any concerns that customers may have

• Make sure that the “Add To Cart” button is difficult to miss

• Include a good range of photographs and GIF’s

• Showcase good reviews and personal testimonials

• Display guarantees and social proof

• Upsell and cross-sell

How To Build A Shopify Product Page And Sell More

One of the most important steps in creating a successful online store is setting up a well designed and informative custom product page.

» Building A Shopify Product Page

In order to build and edit the Shopify product page, follow the steps below:

1. Visit the Shopify admin dashboard. From there, select the button that is labeled “Products”.

2. A blue “Add Product” button will pop up on the main screen. Once clicked, a form will show up with the title “Add Product”.

You are not required to enter every product detail listed on the form. You can choose what information you think is necessary and would like to show to your potential buyers.

3. In the “Title” edit box, enter the name of your product. Underneath that, you can write any product description that you would like to have displayed to viewers.

It is important that you mention any important details or features of the product that customers should know about. Remember that the product description should convince buyers to click the “Add To Cart” button, so make sure that it is effective.

4. You can also add any images of the product in the section underneath the product description. Complete the rest of the form based on what information you want to be displayed to customers.

5. Once completed, select the “Save” button in the top right-hand corner. Your product page will be created and available for viewing.


» What Should A Product Page Include For Increased Sales?

There are three essential things that should be displayed on a successful product page:

• Product

• Brand

• Product description

Obviously, the product is the most important feature. You should include various professional images of your item on the page so that potential customers know what they can expect. Additionally, make sure that the photographs display different angles of the product.

Branding your products is important for keeping customers coming back for more. If you want to expand your brand, you need to make sure that your buyers will recognize your logo or brand name. For this reason, be sure to include them on your product page.

As mentioned, the product description is important as it informs customers why they should purchase that product. It should include valuable information, such as the benefits and features of the item.

How To Write A Good Product Description

Getting customers to visit your online store is just the first step in running a successful business. Once they are on your page and have selected an item, you then need to convince them to purchase your product.

This is where a good product description comes in. We have come up with 6 rules that you should follow in order to have an effective and informative product description on your product page.

» 6 Rules To Follow When Writing A Product Description

1. Recognize your target audience

If you know your audience, you will be able to adapt the product description according to their needs and wants.

2. Mention the product benefits

Buyers want to know why your product will make their lives better. Mention what makes your item unique.

3. Give all the relevant details

A good product description includes the important details of that product, including benefits and features.

4. Use appropriate language

Using a natural tone will allow your customers to connect with your brand. It also makes your description seem more genuine and less computer-generated.

5. Use powerful and emotive words

Emotive words naturally earn a response from people. Use powerful vocabulary to catch the attention of shoppers and increase sales.

6. Make the description easy to scan

Potential customers are unlikely to read your product description if it is multiple paragraphs long. Keep it short and simple, while still including all important details.

What Is A Shopify Collection Page And How Do You Create One?

» Collections

Shopify allows you to group your products into collections via a collection page. This makes it easier for customers to find Shopify related products according to a category.

For example, if you sell clothing via your online store, you could create a collection of men’s clothing, women’s clothing and children’s clothing. You could also create a collection of t-shirts, pants and jackets.

You can create, view and edit Shopify collections from the “Collections” page on your Shopify admin dashboard. Once your collection is created, it will be shown on your online store with a gallery of the various products included in that collection. Customers can select an image from this gallery in order to view the item’s product page.

» Automated And Manual Collection

It is important to note that there are two different types of collections of Shopify: an automated and a manual collection.

An automated collection uses selection conditions in order to match products automatically. When you create a new product that matches the selection conditions of a collection, it will immediately and automatically be added to that collection.

A manual collection includes products that you select individually. If you want to add or remove a product from a collection, you have to do it manually.

The automated collection option is the preferred option. This is because a manual collection is harder and requires more work to maintain. However, it can be a good option if you plan to create a small and specialized collection that won’t change often.

» Creating A Collection

To create a Shopify collection, select the “Products” option on your Shopify dashboard. From the list that pops up, select “Collections”. A blue button labeled “Create Collection” will appear on the main screen.

Decide what you would like the title and description of the collection to be and enter them into the relevant edit boxes. You will also be able to select a collection type, product tag and other features.

Follow the steps on the screen and fill out the necessary edit boxes. Once you are finished, select “Save” and your collection will be complete.

Examples Of Good Product Pages That You Can Learn From

» Summary Of A Good Product Page

All product pages should immediately convey the importance and value of that product to potential customers. Images of the item should be used to show what it looks like. Your product description should describe the benefits and features of the item – this is in an effort to convince the customers to select the “Add To Cart” button.

To help you out and give you some ideas, we have made a list of some of the best product pages that we were able to find on Shopify.

» Examples Of Product Pages

1. Luxy Hair

This site is designed in order to appeal to its target audience: females. The product pages have a feminine touch that automatically makes viewers feel welcome. The color palette is grey and pink, which suits the aesthetic of the product perfectly.

The “Add To Cart” button is obvious and hard to miss. By simply looking at this page, viewers are tempted to purchase the item.

More so, there is a wide range of photographs included. As you can see, the various color shades are also displayed, showing the customers that they have plenty of options. A Shopify reviews page is also available to be selected by the potential buyer.

The brand logo and name is included on the product page. Additionally, the product description is short and sweet, while still mentioning important features and details.

2. Rocky Mountain Soap Company

This soap company has a soothing and natural-toned look to it. It uses bright oranges to contrast the white background, which gives the page an appealing appearance.

There are a few images of the selected product, which shows potential customers what they will be purchasing. A rating system is also displayed, making viewers aware of how good the product actually is.

A short product description is included and describes important features and details, such as the ingredients and benefits of the soap.

The “Add To Cart” button is hard to miss as it stands out on the page. Any viewer will feel tempted to purchase this item as the product page is professional, simple and appealing.

3. Leesa

This is a foldable and shippable mattress company that is run online. Their product page is based on a white, grey and teal color palette. The design and look of the page are very appealing and has an appropriate aesthetic.

The “Add To Cart” button sticks out like a sore thumb, tempting viewers into purchasing the product. The product description is kept very short, but still mentions all the necessary information. 

There are plenty of images that the potential buyer can view in order to get an idea of the size, look and feel of the mattress. A rating system is also visible underneath the name of the product.

4. Perfect Keto

The Perfect Keto product pages are based on a teal and white color palette, making them very appealing and attention-grabbing.

The brand name and logo are displayed on the page, which is very good for publicity. The name of the product is also bold and catches the attention of the viewer.

Once again, the “Add To Cart” button is almost asking potential customers to be selected, which is exactly how it should be.

The rating system is displayed underneath the item name – this shows viewers the quality of the product. The product description is very short, but the page still tells buyers all that they need to know.

As you can see, there are multiple images of different kinds of coffee. This displays the huge range of the product.

5. Master & Dynamic

The Master & Dynamic product pages are bold, luxurious and elegant. They have a very dark color palette that grabs the attention of potential buyers.

The product description is short and sweet, ensuring that customers won’t get bored while reading. However, the description still packs a powerful message by mentioning all the important details and features that buyers need to know before checking out.

There are various images of the product from different angles, showing viewers exactly what they will be buying. You can also select which color you would like to see the product in, which gives the customer even more information.

The checkout button is bold and hard to miss. This is important for increasing the product page conversion rate.


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