EBANX Launches Its High Ticket Solution in Africa

Embark on Africa’s digital transformation with EBANX’s solution for high value orders. Explore how this innovative offering simplifies operations, reduces costs, and opens new avenues for businesses in South Africa and Nigeria. Join us on the journey of redefining high ticket sales in Africa’s dynamic digital landscape, where growth meets accessibility.

João Paulo Notini
December 01, 2023
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In the heart of Africa’s digital revolution, EBANX is proud to announce the expansion of its High Ticket Solution to the vibrant markets of South Africa and Nigeria. As these countries stand at the forefront of digital innovation, EBANX aims to provide a strategic tool for businesses ready to tap into the immense potential of high ticket sales.

Africa’s Digital Renaissance for High Tickets

Africa is at a crucial inflexion point, with digital payments reaching critical mass, covering nearly half of the continent’s population. The driving force behind this surge is mobile money, electronic transfers, and digital wallets—all born digital, not on paper. 

This shift is now propelling native local payments into the realm of digital commerce, enabling Africans to access global products and services seamlessly.

Digital Powerhouses: South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria

  • South Africa (78% Internet Connectivity): With a significant population having Internet access, online shopping is rising. Bank transfers dominate the payment landscape, making it a key market for digital companies.

The Big 3 Amount to Almost Half of African Digital Commerce. Share of Total Volume in %

Untapped Opportunities in Smaller Markets

Beyond the digital giants, smaller nations such as Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Senegal, and Ivory Coast are making strides in digital commerce. According to EBANX 2023/2024 Beyond Borders Study about Africa, rising internet connectivity, mobile money penetration, and a young, digital-savvy population offer untapped opportunities for global companies.

EBANX High Tcket Solution: Pioneering High Ticket Sales in Africa

Unlocking new frontiers in commerce, this pioneering solution is poised to redefine the landscape of transactions, empowering businesses to achieve unparalleled success in tapping into Africa’s burgeoning market for premium goods and services. Join us as we embark on a journey of innovation, driving unprecedented growth and accessibility in high ticket sales through EBANX’s cutting-edge approach.

Why Africa?

EBANX’s expansion into South Africa and Nigeria stems from a global vision. The goal is to bring the complete payment solution already successful in Latin America to African countries.

High Order Value Solution Overview

The solution’s tagline & core positioning is precise. EBANX’s high-order value solution reduces intermediary costs by delivering an automated, customized, and transparent billing system for orders with a pre-approved value of USD 100K.

Who Benefits from High Tickets?

  • B2B companies from SaaS and Digital ADS verticals
  • B2C companies from OTA and travel

Why start processing high ticket sales now?

High Tickets is expanding to provide a complete payment solution for high-value transactions in Africa, catering to the specific needs of businesses in South Africa and Nigeria.

How does EBANX’s High Ticket Sales help in the company management?

  • Intermediary Costs: EBANX tackles the challenge of high intermediary costs by offering local payment options in local currency.
  • Manual Process: The product differentiator is easing payment creation and control, highlighting user behaviour for efficient operations.
  • Operation Complexities: Offering an automated payment creation and a frictionless checkout experience, EBANX simplifies the complexities of high-value transactions.

Unlocking High Ticket Sales in Africa

EBANX’s High Order Value Solution is a gateway for businesses to thrive in Africa’s digital landscape. Seamlessly aligning with local preferences and addressing specific challenges, the product transforms high-value transactions from a challenge into an opportunity.

How EBANX’s High Order Value Solution Works

  • Streamlined Transactions with Local Payment Methods: Recognizing the diverse payment preferences in Africa, EBANX’s solution offers a range of local payment options in local currency. This addresses the issue of limited card penetration and ensures businesses can seamlessly cater to the varied payment preferences.
  • Automated, Frictionless Experience: The emphasis on automation is a game-changer. The product ensures a frictionless user experience, allowing customers to purchase online and receive automatic payment confirmations—a crucial element in a market where convenience is king.
  • Tailored Fraud Prevention for High-Value Transactions: Understanding the unique challenges of the African market, EBANX’s solution comes equipped with a localized fraud prevention strategy. This enhances business security and instils confidence in consumers engaging in high-value transactions.

Why Choose EBANX’s High Ticket Solution?

  • Efficient Payment Performance and User Experience: Replace SWIFT transfers and manual invoices with an automated, real-time checkout experience.
  • Comprehensive Financial Management: Review reconciliation and automate internal processes with EBANX Dashboard or API.
  • Enhanced Fraud Prevention: Boost business security with a localized fraud prevention strategy built for high-order value transactions.
  • Adherence to Compliance & Regulations: Count on EBANX’s extensive local knowledge for proper regulatory and tax consultancy.

Transform Your Payments Strategy to Grow in Africa

As Africa propels itself into a digital future, EBANX’s High Ticket Solution emerges as a product and a catalyst for change. Seamlessly aligning with the continent’s preferences and challenges opens up new horizons for businesses ready to capitalize on the digital boom.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of African growth? Transform your payments strategy with EBANX’s High Ticket Solution and unlock new opportunities in high ticket sales.

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João Paulo Notini
João Paulo Notini
Senior Content Marketing | Cross-Border operations at EBANX

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