Facebook Ads for e-commerce: How to create the perfect campaign

From boosting your brand, to generating leads and business growth. If you have an e-commerce, you should consider using Facebook Ads.

September 30, 2020
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Facebook is no longer a social networking site where people just use it to connect and chat with friends. Today, it has become one of the most powerful marketing platforms widely preferred by almost every marketer.

With multiple targeting options and brand-related objectives, Facebook Ads are giving an ultimate opportunity to online retailers.

Being an owner of an ecommerce online store, you should also consider using Facebook Ads, as they can help you boost your brand, generate leads and reinforce business growth.

A perfectly-driven Facebook ecommerce strategy allows you to target a large audience and promote your products in the best way possible.

Let’s find out how?

Why Should You Invest in Facebook Ads?

One of the main reasons why most retailers have started using Facebook in their online marketing strategy is the fact that it comes with several valuable advertising features. Facebook Ads give businesses an excellent opportunity to prepare and promote budget-friendly promotional campaigns targeted mainly for a particular demographic.

Improves Customer Loyalty

Today, almost every ecommerce business has a Facebook page where their customers can follow the store. Such pages give businesses the opportunity to communicate directly with the audience that further builds loyalty and brand image. Meanwhile, Facebook provides you with emphasized opportunities for audience engagement that may result in a higher retention rate. With Facebook Ads, you can also boost ecommerce conversion rates while inviting users to visit your online store and purchase.

Users can also decide to not see your future Facebook Ads by providing a reason for why they are not interested – giving you an insight into why your promotional campaign hasn’t achieved the desired success.

Impressive Results with a Limited Budget

The charges for Facebook Advertising start from $1 per day. Even if you have a low budget, you can still reach a large number of users so long as you keep your targeting measures as specific as possible. On the contrary, if you had that budget to spend on Google AdWords, you’d be ending up with few clicks per day. With multiple bid options available, you can choose whatever budget is most suitable to your ecommerce campaign goals. Moreover, Facebook offers better targeting options for ecommerce advertising.

Targeting Options are Incredible

Unlike Google AdWords, you can manage your Facebook Ads according to the interests of your users and demographics – instead of simply targeting audiences according to what they’re looking for (keywords). Nevertheless, the options that are available to you when you set up ecommerce Facebook Advertising are really effective. For instance, you can:

  • Target particular genders and individuals based on objective such as “marketing”, “business”, or “advertising”.
  • Besides, you can target a specific audience in your local area – if you run a local business.
  • Facebook also allows you to target users in your preferred geographical region – regardless of whether it’s a village, city, or country.

Facebook Has a Lot of Mobile Users

We are well aware that today users are increasingly accessing Facebook on mobile devices i.e. tablets and handheld smartphones. Besides, more and more ecommerce websites are seeing mobile traffic coming from Facebook and other social media platforms. By introducing Facebook Ads, you can drive immense mobile traffic to your ecommerce store that ultimately improves traffic and sales.

Advertising on Facebook provides you with an effective way to boost exposure and traffic for your ecommerce store. In festive seasons, you can use it to generate more leads and sales.

How Facebook Ads Work and Help You in Ecommerce

Just choose your objective, select your audience, choose the desired location, set your budget, pick a format, and you are ready to go. Facebook Ads can help you promote your online store in different ways.

Let’s find out how Facebook Ads work and help you in ecommerce marketing while improving customer loyalty:

Boost Your Posts and Get More Exposure

Boosting posts is one of the most powerful ways to get more exposure for your post. You can promote a blog and expand its reach to more of your target audience and community while spending a small budget. Moreover, you can promote your page to get more likes and connect with more users through targeting. However, it’s a cost-effective way to get more relevant audiences to see your posts, promote offers, and publicize special events.

Drive More Traffic to Your Ecommerce Website

With Facebook Ads, you can easily promote your posts and drive more traffic to your online store. Whether you are looking to promote any specific category or products; Facebook Ads will help you drive more traffic that will ultimately improve sales. In order to engage more users, you need to use visually appealing and related images while sharing useful content. Be sure to track Google Analytics and website metrics to analyze the success of your Facebook campaign.

Generate More Leads

If you are looking to generate more leads with a festival offer, you must start using Facebook Ads. The leads are generated by promoting content that links directly back to any specific category or products where visitors can shop. Or, you can target a landing page which is dedicated to a special offer; raising the chances of conversions.

Here are some practical tips to generate more leads using Facebook Advertising:

– Promote landing pages related to discounts and other offers.
– Post engaging blog posts that boost traffic and generate more leads.
– Share creative videos that promote offers.
– Don’t forget to add a call-to-action button to your Facebook Page.
– Include landing page links to in the captions.
– Use Facebook Live videos that will remind users to register or grab the offers before they expire.
– Run a giveaway or contest on a regular basis.

Communicate Your Brand Story

Facebook Ads give you an opportunity to build a relationship with the target audience or future customers. Apart from just being a commercial platform, Facebook is a social platform where most people want to connect with each other rather than shopping. And you can achieve it by using advertisements to communicate your brand’s story. You can make a sequence of Facebook Ads conveying your brand message rather than just promoting your products or services. We recommend that you make a video to tell your success story or workflow and promote it via Facebook Advertising.

Raise Event Participation

With Facebook Event Response ads, you can make your upcoming event more successful. You can make an event from your Page and spread the word about it. You can select the target audience who may be interested in your event. Facebook also helps you make your choice more specific by giving you multiple target options such as age, gender, location, and interests. Besides, you can keep track of how many users have acknowledged to your invitation.

Boost International Sales via Geo-Targeted Ads

Today, online retailers face many challenges especially those who work in global markets and need to deal with different local specifications. If your online store is present in multiple nations, then you must try targeting your Ads strategy to different countries.

Facebook will showcase your posts to the target countries with the best cost per action, delivering you helpful insights into which advertisements work where. So, it’s easy to target a large number of audiences worldwide while choosing a specific country group or geographic region.

In addition, make sure you use a localized strategy in your website to reach international customers and motivate them to interact with your store. With geolocation, your online store can track visitors’ location (country, state, city, or neighborhood they are located in) and deliver customized content.

With a proper marketing plan and creative approach, it’s easy to improve brand visibility and ecommerce conversion rates. But, how will you make your Facebook Ads stand out from the crowd? Let’s, find out:

How to Create the Perfect Ads Campaign for your Ecommerce Store

From pixel tracking to behavioral targeting; Facebook offers a wide range of ad formats and targeting options. You need to consider several significant things while working on Facebook marketing for ecommerce. Here, we are providing some significant elements of successful Facebook Ads.

1. Start with a Goal and Keep Experimenting with Design

You should start ecommerce Facebook Advertising by choosing an objective and then customize the ad format and style around what you are looking to achieve. No matter how long you’ve been marketing on Facebook, you should always keep experimenting with both ad design and its targeting.

Every Facebook Ad design can be divided into two types:

  1. A design to engage the attention of your prospects.
  2. A design to encourage a direct action such as a discount offer or app install.

Brand awareness campaigns are performed well with CTAs associated with content consumption such as subscribing for more valuable content, following a Facebook page, etc. On the other hand, direct response ads are performed better by providing some exciting offers or solving common buying problems. Every time you’re preparing a new ecommerce campaign, try to come up with different ad designs and test each one.

2. Create Buyer Personas

Most ecommerce businesses have different types of audiences with diverse needs. You can enhance your Facebook Ad designs and serve better content by creating buyer personas. For each potential consumer type, prepare a persona. Teenagers or adults? Men or women? What’s the major problem he or she is expecting to resolve after using your product? Once you’ve prepared your buyer personas, it’s time to design an Ad while targeting each persona and addressing their pain points.

Facebook offers unlimited options for audience targeting, so it’s easy to get confused at the initial level. However, you can save a lot of time and money by being choosy in your audience targeting.

Here’s the simplest way to start:

– Start with a lookalike audience: Targeting lookalike audiences is easy since you can use existing data (such as customers who purchased something from your store) to target related prospects. This will give you a practical way to start experimenting and refining audience targeting.

You can narrow your audience and make your ad more specific by choosing target location and adding interests.

3. Use Conversational Headlines and Creative Captions

Ecommerce Facebook Advertising should not annoy users with wordy sales pitches or boring advantages. You should always use a conversational headline that engages users. Though there are no real hacks for writing headlines, a tip that works best is for headlines to express straightforward product benefits with a clever phrase. In some cases, you will need to talk about product features only.

Remember, too much text is misleading and may reduce the reach of your boosted post. Facebook Ads perform better when they’re creative and conversational, minimizing the chances of annoying users with repetitive promotion in their personal feeds.

4. Choose High-Quality and Engaging Images

Most users don’t read the caption or headline; they just get impressed by the image you are using with your ecommerce Facebook Ads. An impressive image can instantly engage the user and help you earn a click. You don’t need to be a professional photographer or use stock images to come up with great looking ads. Just make sure to carefully check size and quality of the media files you’re going to use. Check Facebook Ads Guide and get more size recommendations for your specific ad objective.

5. It Should Have a Clear Call-To-Action

Are you looking to promote brand awareness, boost the traffic, or improve sales? No matter what, your ecommerce Facebook Ad must have a clear call-to-action (CTA). A relevant and engaging ad is fantastic, but without a call-to-action, your target audience may not know where to click and what to do next. In order to boost ecommerce conversion rates, you should use a call-to-action button such as “Shop Now” that will encourage users to visit your store, browse and shop.

6. Track Results and Keep Updating

Finally, no matter how much you’re spending on ecommerce advertising, the most critical thing to determine is exactly what you’re getting for your invested money. With Adverts Manager offered by Facebook, you can even track the performance metrics specially planned to help you measure gauge performance and ROI. For instance, you can check the following insights:

  • The total amount of times your Facebook ad was shown.
  • The total amount of clicks or actions achieved.
  • Cost per click, like and conversion as per your specific goals.

You should update your Facebook marketing strategy according to the results. Make sure to keep experimenting with different images, captions, designs, and formats before you dive into ecommerce advertising on Facebook.


Nevertheless, Facebook Advertising is a great marketing tool which can be widely used and promote your online store and meet your business goals. With all the tips mentioned-above, you can achieve to come up with a successful Facebook Ad for ecommerce.


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