E-commerce review: Why you should listen to your customer’s opinion

What does a shopper consider when deciding to buy something? Price, delivery time, or what people who have already bought from your shop have to say?

August 31, 2020
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What does a customer consider when making a purchase decision? Price, delivery time, or what people who have already bought from your shop have to say? Of course the first two options are important to the customer, but they don’t have as much impact on the customer as a good positive opinion on your product made by someone else.

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That’s why you should make reviews available in your website – and make sure you provide your customers an awesome shopping experience so that they will have something nice to say about your shop.

Reading reviews before buying is becoming an worldwide habit. In Brazil for instance, more than half of online shoppers are influenced by someone else’s review of a product or service, a number 11% higher than the global average. This means that people want to hear others’ opinion on what you are selling.

If you don’t offer customers the chance to make reviews on your ecommerce yet, it is time to open this gate and get more clients.

Why should you allow reviews in your ecommerce?

Before knowing how to get reviews in your ecommerce, you should really understand why they matter, after all, there are some business owners who avoids reviews at any price.

That can only be justified if you are selling bad quality products or if your customer services is not highly satisfactory. If that is not the case, keep in mind that reviews are always welcome.

If you are not convinced yet, here is a list with all the benefits reviews can bring to your online store:

  • Google interprets customer comments as webpage updates. And, if you are not familiar to SEO yet, more updates mean more relevance to you website, which increases your product page chances to appear in Google’s first page.
  • Google also indexes these comments by keyword, which help elevating your organic search position for keywords related to your product. Success formula: traffic + positive reviews = better conversion rate.
  • Reviews also function as social proof, which means that your customer is telling the world your product is good, that they are satisfied, increasing other people’s desire of purchasing the same as you and having the same experience.
  • It helps create engagement. Customers want to be a part of the construction of your brand, in other words, they want to interact. So, if you open this communication channel, you earn respect from your public.

Talking about customers feedback, even if they don’t write a positive review, they are important to fill your online store with information that will help you improve your product or service.

But how can you do it on your store?

How to get more reviews and increase sales?

Get more positive reviews is not as hard as it looks. Here are some tips:

1. Ask for your customer feedback

The most natural and assertive way of getting good ecommerce reviews is sending an email a few days after the product has arrived or after the service has been acquired, asking your customer if they are satisfied with his purchase.

In this email, try to obtain a qualitative feedback about your customer’s experience. Ask them if they are satisfied about good or service, about the delivery/implementation time, if everything went okay and what are their thoughts on the item.

2. Offer an incentive

We know how busy people’s lives can get and even taking 5 minutes writing a testimonial about a product can be a decisive factor in whether or not they should waste their time on it. With that in mind, offer them an incentive so they feel motivated to write a nice and complete review about your product.

It can be a discount coupon for their next purchase, free shipping or points to accumulate and get a benefit later (check out this article about loyalty marketing to help you plan this last point).

The important thing here is to show you are willing to reward your customer for this kindness.

3. Help the customer enjoy their purchase to the fullest

Many ecommerce owners believe that once a product is delivered or a service is sold, the job is done. But that is not the end of it.

In order to offer an awesome shopping experience, you need to help your customer enjoy their purchase to the fullest, which can be simply done by sending an email with some instructions.

Tutorial on how to assemble the product, care it or or creative ideas on what to do with the product can yield great reviews and even turn customers into real enthusiasts of your brand.

4. Optimize the reviews field for mobile devices

More and more people buy and interact with brands through mobile devices. There are even those who left desktop for good and only access internet through tablets and smartphones.

With that being said, make sure that is possible to review your products even in the tiniest smartphone. Having an optimized review page for mobile devices will certainly yield better reviews.

5. Make peace with negative reviews

Negative opinions need to be seen as improvement opportunities. If you delete them or just ignore them, the customer will find some other way to get their opinion off their chest, such as in social media. So, that can cause a big image crisis for your brand.

The best thing to do here is to quickly respond, identify the flaw and get it right as soon as possible. Claiming responsibility and showing that you are willing to solve the problem demonstrates commitment to your audience and can really turn customer complaints into valuable assets.

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