How to create a fraud prevention strategy in MarketPlaces

When we talk about e-commerce fraud prevention, common sense often leads us to believe that the same strategy works in any scenario, but that is not the case when it comes to marketplace business models. According to LexisNexis, the fraud in 2021 is more sophisticated and complex, and when we talk especially about marketplaces, identifying […]

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Meet EBANX ONE: the all-in-one payment solution in Latin America

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have an all-in-one payment solution to operate throughout Latin American countries with a mix of international and domestic operational models? That’s what we want to offer our customers with EBANX ONE. These are the questions we’ll be answering below: – What is EBANX ONE and how does it […]

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Payments Flexibility: the future of business in Latin America is hybrid

Hybrid. That’s a word we’ve been hearing a lot these days. A quick search is enough to discover that hybrid means a blend of different elements. Something heterogeneous in the way it’s composed. Cross or mixed. If you think about it, it has a lot to do with payments flexibility. It is also a good […]

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Paying your local suppliers in LatAm has never been easier

EBANX Payout A localized payout experience for enterprise companies settles international funds to their Latin American providers, suppliers, and partners. Download: EBANX Payout White Paper The way we do business is evolving every day to be innately more global. Technology and innovative business models have made it so we are no longer limited by location […]

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10 best Localization Strategies to increase your sales in Brazi

10 best localization strategies to increase your sales in Brazil

The market intelligence team from EBANX gathered all its expertise in a complete content on sales strategy in Brazil. Adapting how you promote your products / services and position your brand according to the local characteristics is an essential part of a successful cross-border marketing strategy. You can access all of these guidelines by downloading […]

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How Shopify is Looking at the Potential of Latin American Market

On the last Latin America Summit for Shopify, powered by EBANX, Ana Amoedo (Pre-Sales Team leader at EBANX) interviewed Gonzalo Pascual (Head of LatAm at Shopify), who brought an overview of how Shopify is looking at the LatAm market and why Shopify stores need to look at Latin America as well. Let’s see how was […]

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Best practices on localization strategies based on Latin American consumer behavior

The main driver for purchases made by Latin Americans on foreign e-commerce is the cost-benefit. According to Beyond Borders 2020/2021 study powered by EBANX, 48% of the interviewed Brazilians said that the lowest prices are the main factor in their decision to make a purchase. Second, shipping costs appear as an extremely relevant item of […]

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The Latin American market potential for 2021 (in numbers)

The Latin American e-commerce market value reached 200 billion dollars in 2020, which represents a growth of 8.49% over 2019, according to the study Beyond Borders 2020/2021, released by EBANX. 8% may not sound so much compared to the e-commerce boom that we keep hearing about due to COVID-19 pandemic. However,  this number is actually […]

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EBANX 2020 – A year to remember

2020 was definitely a year out of the ordinary, everything and everyone needed to change and adapt. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many people had to face new realities, obtaining new consumption habits, and facing new challenges to reinvent themselves. With EBANX this was no different, but even in hard times we keep working to deliver […]

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How does customs work when shipping to Latin America

With globalization, the huge growth of ecommerce during the past years and an ever competing market has made selling and shipping products and services to customers in other countries has become each time more accessible and important to small, medium and large companies world-wide; in fact, according to a research made by Visa, 87% out […]

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Showing EBANX Shield: a fraud prevention strategy

Learn all about EBANX top-notch fraud prevention strategy designed for the Latin American market

White Paper: EBANX Payout Solution