EBANX Fraud & Risk Management: the solution combining payment protection and high sales performance

Learn more about EBANX Anti-Fraud and how it works by combining cyber security, protected transactions, and high sales performance in emerging markets.

João Paulo Notini
August 23, 2023
4 min read
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When securing payments at every stage, EBANX’s fraud and risk management solution is your ally, ensuring safety for both you and your clients, regardless of location. 

Each market has its characteristics and fraudulent behaviors regarding payments. Thus, in countries where international acquirers may lack specialization, partnering with a local expert and counting on a tailored anti-fraud strategy is crucial

In today’s blog post, we’re diving into EBANX’s Anti Fraud to show its capabilities and technical features and uncover how businesses can effectively prevent fraud and safeguard their operations. 

Sit back and enjoy the reading!

What is EBANX Fraud & Risk Management?

EBANX has a localized fraud prevention solution with sophisticated technology to protect you against payment fraud in emerging markets. Harnessing a layered architecture, we analyze transaction behavior to proactively detect, prevent, and manage fraud.

Tailored for cross-border transactions, EBANX’s anti-fraud software features real-time transaction scoring powered by advanced machine learning, seamless merchant chargeback automation, precise A/B testing to reduce false positives, and industry-specific enhancements like manual review and chargeback coverage.

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How does EBANX Fraud & Risk Management work?

Here’s a quick step-by-step of how the Anti-Fraud payment solution works through EBANX’s online platform.

1 – First, the customer makes a payment

2 – Then, the transaction comes to EBANX

3 – Third, the transaction goes through EBANX’s Anti-Fraud, which is equipped with artificial intelligence protection and card optimization features.

4 – EBANX sends the transaction to the acquirer and then to the issuing bank

5 – If all goes well, payment is approved

Speaking of card optimization features and artificial intelligence, here’s a quick list of all elements used by EBANX to enhance this payment performance:


  • A/B Testing: Automated testing to learn and reduce false positives
  • Five protection layers: Internal database, Smart tracking, Automatic Chargeback Dispute,  Transaction Risk Scoring, and Consumer Risk Scoring


  • 3D Secure (3DS): to avoid unauthorized card usage
  • Card Tokenization: to safeguard sensitive card data
  • Intelligent Routing: to retry transactions, increasing acceptance rates
  • Pre-authorization: to confirm if the amount (full or partial) is available for payment
  • Multiple Partial Refunds: to refund the consumer in case the item or service is unavailable after payment
  • Card verification: to validate the card before payment processing 

EBANX Fraud & Risk Management Advantages

EBANX offers a comprehensive anti-fraud solution designed to tackle the unique challenges of emerging markets while ensuring seamless cross-border transactions. Here are some of its distinct advantages:

  • Expertise in Growing Economies: Benefit from our fraud prevention expertise in emerging markets and optimized transaction routing through proprietary machine learning.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate our solution into your operations and count on adaptive learning and transaction behavior monitoring.
  • Localized Fraud Prevention: Our solution combines tailored machine learning for cross-border transactions with features like 3DS authentication, risk scoring, and device fingerprinting, ensuring security through localized fraud prevention. 
  • Customized Risk Modeling: Benefit from customized risk modeling tailored to your needs for successful market entry.
  • Global Expansion Opportunities: Have a fast and successful entry into new countries with a deep understanding of fraud in emerging economies, maximizing global expansion prospects.
  • Performance Assessment: Count on expert technical guidance for effective performance assessment in new markets, ensuring the right balance between approval and chargeback rates.
  • Clear Tracking and Insights: Have clear tracking, insights, and visibility into fraud, chargeback, and approval rates.
  • Tailored Fraud Protection: The anti-fraud software is designed to match different business models, ensuring cyber security while handling chargeback issues.

Latin America – A booming market plagued by payment frauds

Latin America stands out in the global digital commerce arena, with the second-highest rise in digital buyers. According to Beyond Borders 2022/2023, the region’s digital sales are set to grow by 26% CAGR until 2025.

However, payment fraud poses a significant challenge. Ravelin’s experts state that the region experiences a 20% revenue loss due to fraud, with one in five e-commerce transactions being rejected due to fraud – double the global average.

These alarming figures lead Forbes Business Intelligence (cited by paymentscardsandmobile.com) to anticipate a fourfold surge in Latin America’s e-commerce fraud prevention market, projecting a substantial growth to $2.9 billion from 2020 to 2028.

To tackle these issues, leading global brands are relying on EBANX’s payment platform to boost sales securely. Covering pay-ins and payouts (incoming and outgoing transactions), your business can fully leverage Latin America’s thriving digital commerce environment while ensuring payment fraud protection through EBANX Anti Fraud.

Moreover, by teaming up with a leading local payments partner like EBANX, you’ll experience fewer false positives, enabling issuing banks and acquirers to access more transaction information, ensuring a smoother process for all.

Ready to seize the opportunities of growing markets with confidence?

[Learn more about EBANX Fraud & Risk Management solution]

João Paulo Notini
João Paulo Notini
Senior Content Marketing | Cross-Border operations at EBANX

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